The eleventh edition of the Salone del Risparmio is brimming with Tucano shoppers, the event’s official promotional item for all registered participants

The eleventh edition of the Salone del Risparmio is brimming with Tucano shoppers, the event’s official promotional item for all registered participants

The eleventh edition of the Salone del Risparmio, one of the most important events dedicated to the asset management sector, will take place at Fiera di Milano’s MiCo event center, from 15 to 17 September, and the theme is: “From saver to investor: liquidity for building new worlds”. This year Tucano is once again an event partner, contributing with the official green shopper, to be distributed to all registered participants, and with a stand dedicated to ecology and full of products that are also available for purchase.


The latest innovations showcased at this edition are the new backpacks made with fabric obtained from recycled plastic and products for remote working, a series of attractive accessories for working from home in complete comfort. The Comodo laptop pillow with non-slip work surface, the maxi desk mat, and the mini PC stands are just some of the products we offer that meet the needs of an audience accustomed to the new working methods adopted in recent years.


As always, the 2021 event is organized by the Assogestioni, and this year it will take place in person, while also maintaining the hybrid streaming version for those wishing to follow it from a distance. The program is forecasting an ample number of attendees and a mix of about 350 different speakers, mostly from the financial, political and university world.  The conference themes are centered around sustainability and innovation, deepened by an analysis focused on the advantages of good digitization and the potential of an industry attentive to climate change and working to counter social disparities. The speakers will be able to count on an audience of around 10,000 visitors, primarily composed of savers, students and industry experts. 

Remote working? With Tucano all our accessories are ready to get to work

Remote working? With Tucano all our accessories are ready to get to work

In times like these, marked not only by an incredible digital transformation but also by the pandemic, remote working, sometimes referred to in Europe as ‘smart working’ or ‘agile working’, has reached truly remarkable levels. Over the last year in Italy, the number of remote workers has jumped from 570,000 to 6 million, ensuring adequate work continuity in some economic sectors and accelerating the impact with technological innovation and digital competence. So, now it’s no secret that with a good computer and a decent connection it’s certainly possible to create a productive workspace not only at home, but also in the most disparate places.

Tucano, always ready to propose forward-thinking and timely solutions, has dedicated ample space to this topic, designing a series of accessories for remote working and ensuring that you can find everything you need for setting up a truly “mobile office”.


Where do you start? Your best bet is to begin with our Desk Pad neoprene maxi-mat to cover your table or desk, and then there’s also Comodo, the support cushion with a fiberglass surface for laptops. Two useful, well-designed accessories to make working more agile at home or wherever else you may be.

The first – made of neoprene and easy to roll up – is a great organizer that helps you create your own desk anywhere and it’s perfect for laptops or desktops, protecting your work surface from scratches, stains and heat.          


The second, is a laptop support pillow designed to help you work in complete relaxation. Perfect for resting on your legs, it can be used on the sofa or in a multitude of other ways. The light, rigid work surface on the top and the soft padding of the slightly inclined cushion make it both stable and lightweight, favoring a perfect balance between good posture and relaxation.


Comfort continues with accessories designed to offer maximum flexibility at work. Among these we find stands, folding supports for tablets and laptops which ensure that users maintain the correct posture. Sospendo, on the other hand, is the “hands-free” accessory for smartphones and tablets, perfect for working in any type of environment and situation with absolute freedom.


To satisfy even the most high-tech connections, we offer 3 different Hubs with a hyper-functional design that ensures a well-accessorized connection and 2 Multi USB 3-in-1 cables allow you to recharge and synchronize devices with different connectors. Finally, our colorful mouse, the result of Tucano’s collaboration with Alessandro Mendini, lets you approach your everyday tasks with a designer touch.

Tucano and Accademia Teatro alla Scala. A committed partnership continues in 2021

Tucano and Accademia Teatro alla Scala. A committed partnership continues in 2021

For the second year in a row, Tucano and Accademia Teatro alla Scala are together again to share goals, values and a mutual desire for collaboration. Despite the recent challenges and difficulties, this period has generated value, making it possible to implement a new technical sponsorship project between these two Milan-based organizations in 2021.

This partnership brings together the Accademia Teatro alla Scala, a prestigious training center that guides talented performing arts professionals from around the world through meaningful learning experiences, and Tucano — a leading Italian brand in the production of bags, backpacks and accessories — a company always ready to support youth and those organizations that enhance their potential. In the center of Milan, the city where both projects were conceived.


This collaboration, in addition to confirming Tucano’s support of culture and the arts, expresses the link with the iconic beauty of an extraordinary, world-famous location: the Teatro alla Scala, together with its prestigious Academy, a top-notch training center and proving ground for talented individuals.

Renowned as an institution dedicated to the education of performing arts professionals — including in the technical and managerial fields — the Accademia Teatro alla Scala, which hosts more than 1,600 students annually, offers comprehensive professional training in four different Departments: music, dance, stagecraft, and management.


Tucano customized three products from the catalog with the Accademia’s logo, the ODDS backpack, in raw-edged neoprene, the Doppio backpack and the Tugò trolley, for the employees and some students of the Academy.

But Milan is only the starting point for a narrative that is ready to cross borders through a continuous exploration of excellence and an extraordinary cooperation between these two organizations.

Tucano at Travel Goods Show of Las Vegas

Tucano at Travel Goods Show of Las Vegas

Tucano will be participating in the International Travel Goods Show in Las Vegas with a broad selection of Italian-designed travel bags and accessories.

Among our new products and special projects, we will be showcasing a collection created with Atelier Mendini, whose prints have inspired a new take on Tucano, together with our new O.D.D.S. collection – O.D.D.S. stands for ‘Our Dreams Deserve Space’. This is an amazing and colorful selection of neoprene backpacks with ‘raw’ edges.

But, the show goes beyond just our special collections, it includes a series of products designed to make life more comfortable for frequent travelers. Among our most successful product lines you’ll find the Compatto collection of foldable bags and backpacks and the Sicuro collection of wallets and credit card cases. The Sicuro collection features the Credit Card Protection system and is available in a selection of fashionable new colors. You’ll also be interested in our line of nylon suitcase and bag organizers that showcase both sophisticated colors and typical Italian style. While you’re there, don’t forget to take a look at our relaxed but elegant Tugò backpacks and carry-on luggage.

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