Tucano’s products personalized or tailor made for your brand

Tucano’s products personalized or tailor made for your brand

Tucano corporate is the division dedicated to companies. It was established to create ad hoc personalizations or design dedicated solutions using exclusive materials, colors and accents, for our business clients, with the help of our top-notch team of designers and product managers. Tucano bags, backpacks and accessories – always centered on the concept of protection – are the protagonists of an almost 40-year-long project, initiated in Milan in 1985. Italian innovation and design, the hallmark of our products, have earned significant international recognition for the brand, confirmed by our extensive presence in over 60 countries.

In recent years, Tucano has made environmental protection a priority, embarking on a sustainable path by recycling and processing plastic. Almost all of the collections in the Tucano catalog are made with materials produced from recycled plastic, in keeping with an eco-friendly choice that has recently included completely biodegradable products. 

The technological approach, the point of departure for each new product, offers solutions in line with the needs of an ever-changing market.
The design and implementation process proposed by Tucano is extensive:



1. Standard personalization

All of the products in our catalog can be personalized with the client’s logo using a wide variety of techniques such as screen printing, pad printing, transfer, laser, and embroidery

2. Special customizations

Special customization allows us to partially or completely transform products from our catalog, using materials, colors, and other accents that are different from those used for existing products.

3. Ad hoc designs

Designing a new product that is different from what we do but in line with our expertise requires knowledge and experience. Our team of designers and product managers research dedicated and novel solutions for companies from different production sectors: pharmaceutical, banking, insurance, industrial, marine, and non-profits.

4. Events and trade shows

Excellent design and high-quality products, some of which have been selected and customized for exclusive events, has favored the development of long-term partnerships with prestigious cultural, economic, academic, and non-profit organizations.

Tucano backpacks for the “Cavalieri del Lavoro” on the occasion of the National Conference

Tucano backpacks for the “Cavalieri del Lavoro” on the occasion of the National Conference

On the occasion of the National Conference of Italy’s Chivalrous Order of Merit for Labor, Tucano offered Bizip backpacks customized with the organization’s logo and featuring the company’s AGS system — a shoulder-strap suspension system designed to reduce the sensation of weight on your shoulders. The title of this edition, held on July 8 at the Genoa Aquarium’s auditorium and organized by Dr. Ugo Salerno, member of the National Federation of the Order of Merit for Labor and president and CEO of RINA SPA, was “L’Acqua: l’oro di sempre” (Water: the eternal gold).

Water, the focus of the conference, is humanity’s primary asset that must be defended and protected because of its severe scarcity. 70% of the water that covers the Earth’s surface is salty or unusable and only 1% is useful for human consumption. Indispensable for our survival, water is a precious resource and it is important to limit pollution while protecting water’s potential. What measures are necessary to limit damage? The conference was an excellent forum for discussion, networking, and the exchange of ideas; a stage for encounters between companies, entrepreneurs and politicians, all focused on the possible strategies to be implemented. The conference was also attended by the Mayor of Genoa, Marco Bucci, the President of the Liguria region, Giovanni Toti, and the Archbishop of the Diocese of Genoa, Msgr. Marco Tasca. Tucano’s presence highlights the growing attention to the issue of the environment and its protection and to an eco-sustainable path that in recent years has become an increasingly important part of the company’s production philosophy.

Tucano sponsors Menarini Fair Play 2023

Tucano sponsors Menarini Fair Play 2023

For the second consecutive year, Tucano is proud to be a sponsor of the Menarini Fair Play Award, an event that aims to enhance and showcase sports talent through the tenets of fairness, ethics, and generosity. We also firmly believe in these values, convinced that the practice of sports, experienced in an exemplary way, is an inspirational model when facing one’s personal and work challenges. The Menarini Fair Play Award, dedicated to all those who experience talent and competitiveness with a real sense of ethics, has for many years offered an important space for sharing, reflection, and discussion. Already becoming an international event — held this year in Florence and Fiesole July 3-5 — on the first day the Menarini Fair Play Award will present the talk show “The Champions tell their Stories” hosted by Ivan Lazzaroni in Piazza della Signoria. The 4th and 5th will be devoted respectively to the gala dinner in Piazzale Michelangelo and the official awards ceremony at the Teatro Romano in Fiesole. Three intense days of sharing, reports, speeches and unique moments involving the world of sports, its ethical heritage and its values. As always, the Fair Play ambassadors will be present: Giancarlo Antognoni, Edwin Moses, Federica Pellegrini, Arrigo Sacchi and Tommie Smith.

Below are the award winners and categories of the XXVII Fair Play Menarini International Awards:

Javier Zanetti, “Legendary Figure” Category
Deborah Compagnoni, “Career Fair Play” Category
Alessandra Campedelli, “Social Values of Sport” Category

Antonio Cabrini, “Role Model for Youth” Paolo Rossi Special Prize Category
Elisa Di Francisca, “Sport and Courage” Category
Giulia Ghiretti, “Sport Beyond Sport” Sustenium energia e cuore
Larissa Iapichino, “A Smile for Life” Category
Massimiliano Rosolino, “Sport Promotion” Category

Luis Alberto Scola Balvoa, “Fair Play” Category
Lisa Vittozzi, “Fair Play and Environment” Category
Jacopo Volpi, “Narrating Emotions” Franco Lauro Special Prize Category
Marcelo Bielsa, “The Gesture” Category
Mariaclotilde Adosini, “Young Athletes” Category
Emilia Rossatti, “Young Athletes” Category
Giorgio Pietro Torrisi, “Young Athletes” Category
Gianluca Gensini, “Studio and Sport” Fiamme Gialle Special Prize Category

Tucano at the Biennale Architettura 2023 with sustainable shoppers

Tucano at the Biennale Architettura 2023 with sustainable shoppers

The 18th International Architecture Exhibition, held in Venice from Saturday May 20 to Sunday November 26, 2023, will once again make space for creativity at its historic locations: the Arsenale, the Giardini, Forte Marghera and other places around the city. This edition of the Architecture Biennale, titled The Laboratory of the Future, is curated by Lesley Lokko, an Anglo-Ghanaian writer and architect according to whom “waiting for a disaster to happen to change the way we build or think is a risk that we can no longer afford.” Italy’s project, entitled SPAZIALE Everyone belongs to everyone else is on display at the Arsenale.

The gaze of the event’s participants is projected towards the future, with particular attention given to Africa. A continent in rapid expansion but whose development is often unable to support adequate urban planning and implement new environmental rules, Africa nonetheless has infinite potential, as recounted by Lesley Lokko, who is convinced that it can become “The laboratory of the future”. Many African projects presented at the 18th International Architecture Exhibition tell the story of a continually evolving workshop of the future.

Tucano is participating again this year with three shoppers made of material produced from recycled plastic, confirming its ‘historic’ collaboration with the Venice Biennale. Available in grey, light blue, and teal, the Tucano tote bag will also be offered in the Biennale bookshops, the exhibition spaces, and at the Ca’Giustinian headquarters.

The collaboration between Tucano and La Biennale di Venezia, now in its nineteenth year, is characterized by the common theme of eco-sustainability, a leitmotiv for both partners. Furthermore, Tucano’s presence in Venice offers the company an extraordinary opportunity to promote sustainability in a cultural and artistic environment characterized by a constant evolution towards nurturing and protecting our planet.

Tucano and Performance Strategies together for every event in 2023

Tucano and Performance Strategies together for every event in 2023

Tucano will participate as a technical partner in the Performance Strategies event on May 25 and 26 at the Una Hotel Expo Fiera in Pero, the first two days of a broader program that will consolidate this collaboration throughout 2023. For over 10 years Performance Strategies has been an inspirational model for entrepreneurs, managers and professionals, interested in the unique presentations of the famous international speakers who are invited to talk about business, sport, art, science, culture and current events.

For the events being held on May 25 and 26, Tucano will be offering speakers and journalists its iconic Work Out bags which are compact, light and designed for laptops. The company’s stand, in addition to showcasing the business and technological innovations of recent months, will also display its AGS backpacks characterized by elastic supported shoulder straps, designed to lighten the load on the shoulders. The theme of sustainability, as always in the foreground, will be at the center of almost all the collections. Within Tucano’s space we will also be available to talk about special projects and customizations, around which the corporate sector creates relationships and develops business thanks to a unique work model in which the customer’s specific needs take center stage.

Performance Strategies, Inspiring Leaders Transforming Companies, is the series of events that has been proposing a shift towards future change to the managerial and entrepreneurial world; a change outlined by innovative visions capable of transforming companies and their way of operating, developing business models and relationships in a sustainable way. Change is at the center of everything and its speed is uncontrollable. While nothing is able to predict the extent of social transformations, it is possible to work within a flexible strategy model capable of dealing with growing markets.

The May edition is divided into two days:

Leadership forum, May 25, with Julio Velasco, the extraordinary Italian-Argentine coach, invited to talk about coaching and efficient methods and strategies for requesting and obtaining the best results from a team.

Public Speaking and Storytelling.

On May 26, Federico Buffa, Gianluca Carofiglio and Paolo Trincia will explain to the audience how to perfect their expressive skills in terms of engaging communication and effective presentation. Enchanting an audience is not easy, but knowing how to do it creates and transmits value.

Tucano at the Salone del Risparmio 2023

Tucano at the Salone del Risparmio 2023

Tucano will participate in the thirteenth edition of the Salone del Risparmio as a technical partner. From May 16-18, the largest event in the industry will be held at the Allianz MiCo headquarters and focus on managed savings, financial education and tax issues. The more than 13,000 participants will have the opportunity to discuss sustainability, human capital, investment strategies, private markets and the real economy. They will be able to establish new collaborations and share ideas and skills on the topic of savings. The event will be documented through live conferences that will be available on the official platform even after the event is over.

For five years the Salone del Risparmio has enjoyed an active relationship with Tucano, which supplies the official tote, created on this occasion in seven different colors corresponding to the themes and pathways of the event.

Tucano will also host a personalized stand where the most iconic innovations and products will be on display. Among the latter, the AGS family of backpacks, characterized by the shoulder straps’ anti-gravity suspension system, will be on hand so that the public has the opportunity to personally experience the unique features of this product line.