Lighten your backpack with AGS technology

Lighten your backpack with AGS technology

Can you combine design and comfort with the help of technology? You can with Tucano’s anti-gravity system, the shoulder strap suspension system designed to reduce the load on your shoulders and back. Thanks to the elastic movement of the shoulder straps, Tucano’s AGS backpacks reduce the stiffness of the back and neck muscles by buffering the pressure of the load caused by the weight of the backpack’s contents and allowing a balanced distribution of weight between the shoulders and the pelvis, with the consequent improvement in stability and posture.

Tucano’s anti-gravity system is inspired by the ancient Chinese “Bian Dan” which made it possible to carry two heavy loads by tying them to either end of a bamboo pole which, due to its flexibility, was able to reduce the sensation of weight on the shoulders.

AGS is a technological system capable of transforming the concept of weight and portability and having an effect on our “sense of well-being” due to the fact that the shoulder straps are not rigidly fixed, which is even more effective if the content of the backpack weighs a significant amount.

Lightweight as an AGS backpack!

Tucano has recently launched Binario, Bravo and Bizip, the new backpack models featuring AGS technology, all made of material produced from recycled plastic, which complement the other business backpacks in the Planet collection and with identical technological features: Marte Gravity, Luna Gravity, Terra Gravity and Sole Gravity.

Our focus on ecology, evident in the latest three models, thanks to the materials produced from recycled PET plastics saved from the landfill and transformed through a regeneration process, is found in the majority of the Tucano collections. As a company, we prioritize renewal and transformation to protect the planet.

Il tema dell’ecologia, presente negli ultimi tre modelli, grazie ai materiali ottenuti dal PET riciclato dall’ambiente e rilavorato attraverso un processo di rigenerazione, è presente nella maggior parte delle collezioni Tucano collocando l’azienda in un ambito di rinnovamento e trasformazione volto alla salvaguardia del pianeta.

Tucano is an official sponsor of the 26th edition of Fair Play Menarini

Tucano is an official sponsor of the 26th edition of Fair Play Menarini

For the first time, Tucano participated as a sponsor of the 26th edition of Fair Play Menarini, held on 5 and 6 July in Florence and on 7 July in Castiglion Fiorentino. The intense three-day program included an awards ceremony along with interviews and messages in line with our shared ethics. The spirit of this sports award, created in 1997, is based on much more than simple compliance with the rules, it’s goal is to showcase what’s best about sport, understood as an ethically correct game in which competitors respect each other, avoiding any form of discrimination or violence. Respect for oneself and for others is the basis of those who play sports at an amateur or competitive level and the Fair Play award rewards ethics, loyalty, and respect – not only among athletes but also in other contexts, be they on or off the field. The Menarini Fair Play award is an award given to champions, people, and institutions that, after the award is conferred, become global “Ambassadors of Fair Play”. The 2022 prize was awarded to 16 Italian and international champions, unique people in terms of their understanding of life and sport, natural ambassadors of behavioral ethics capable of making a significant difference within the sports environment.

Among the winners: Federica Pellegrini and Ian Thorpe, Marco Bracci and Casey Stoner, Tania Cagnotto and Massimo Ambrosini. The 2022 award ceremony for the winners took place in the main square of Castiglion Fiorentino, the final moment of the three-day event, the first two days of which were in Florence. Tucano supports Menarini in a project that goes beyond sport, a project dedicated to valuing athletes and people. Menarini Fair Play represents a lifestyle that is capable of promoting values inherent in sport and life: friendship, respect for the individual and for the group, loyalty and ethics in behavior and actions.

Tucano in Rapallo for the 51st National Convention of Young Entrepreneurs

Tucano in Rapallo for the 51st National Convention of Young Entrepreneurs

On June 24th and 25th, the 51st National Convention of Young Entrepreneurs will be held in Rapallo. The convention’s theme is: PaeseEuropa – Time for a New Globalization. This year the topics to be discussed are: the new Europe, globalization, and a European union called upon to deal with recent changes and geopolitical settlements. A global transformation involving society and the economy is underway, poised to upset the calm balance to which we had become accustomed. It is important to respond with a solid concept of democracy that can transmit value and a sense of belonging to the productive levers of this “new” Europe, aware of its own strength and uniformity.

Tucano, a regular partner of the event in the capacity of technical sponsor, offered this year’s coral-red, foldable shopper from the Compatto collection to conference participants. A cheerful, versatile product, it can be used at many different times of day and in different contexts.

The partnership between the Young Entrepreneurs of the Confindustria and Tucano is characterized by continuity as well as shared projects and goals. This year’s event will include a very interesting platform of guests from the worlds of finance, industry, business, the press, and politics. Letta, Gentiloni, Salvini, Meloni, Tajani, Renzi, and Giorgetti are just some of the representatives of the political elite who will be present in Rapallo. President of the Young Entrepreneurs of the Confindustria, Riccardo Di Stefano, will open the proceedings, and Carlo Bonomi, president of the Confindustria, will close them.      

The Tucano bag in R-PET for the Salone del Mobile 2022

The Tucano bag in R-PET for the Salone del Mobile 2022

The 60th edition of the Salone del Mobile, which resumed successfully after a one-year interruption and following last September’s special edition, was held this year from June 6–12 and showcased the best of design, creativity, and sustainability. Both the Rho exhibition center and the Fuorisalone events offered an interesting and exclusive selection of exhibitions, installations, and cultural events. The Fuorisalone – this year titled “Between Space and Time” – offered an interpretation of design as an eco-sustainable tool, capable of implementing a real ecological transition in favor of a reduced environmental impact, presenting to the public no fewer than 700 events scattered throughout the city’s districts. 

For this year’s edition, the Salone del Mobile chose Tucano as the supplier of the event’s official tote bag, intended for the national and international press. A choice that supports the path towards sustainability undertaken by the Milan-based company over the last several years and in perfect harmony with the theme of ecological development and continuous change that has become the focus of this renowned, international event. Created from fabric made with recycled plastic in the event’s official color, the Shopper designed for the Salone del Mobile once again confirmed the competence and expertise of Tucano’s corporate division, which works with companies active both in Italy and abroad. Not only is Tucano able to customize any product in its extensive catalog but it can also create dedicated solutions specified together with the customer. Tucano’s important ecological progress, developed around recycled materials and in particular plastic, has recently introduced interesting innovations in the field of biodegradability and compostability, bringing new, zero-impact cases to the market.

Tucano’s presence at the Salone del Mobile consolidates its strong sense of belonging to Milan and its iconicity in terms of design and style, a legacy acquired over forty years of activity in the company’s Piazza Castello offices.

Tucano at the Salone del Risparmio with the official shopping bag

Tucano at the Salone del Risparmio with the official shopping bag

The twelfth edition of the Salone del Risparmio will be held from the 10th to the 12th of May. This year’s theme is “Human, Responsible, Digital. Economic and social development in the coming decade” with a focus on human capital, correlated with topics related to innovation, sustainability, inclusion and trust. Once again this year Tucano has taken on the role of technical partner, producing the Salone’s official shopper, intended for visitors and guests. The company will also be present with a stand full of eco-friendly and sustainable products, many of which are especially well suited to the business area.


Environmental protection is a top priority and Tucano embarked on a sustainability journey several years ago, following a path that focuses on plastic recycling and processing. Almost all of the company’s collections are made of these types of materials, which has recently expanded to include biodegradable products such as Verde, the first iPad cover made of bioplastic and cellulose pulp. The 2022 catalog, full of backpacks and bags, is increasingly in line with the environmental goals that aim to safeguard the well-being of the planet and its people.


The company’s newest products include accessories designed for remote working — a new trend that promotes working from home, or other locations away from the office — which allow you to take your desk with you wherever you go. In addition to the already popular Desk pad, the fully-customizable, maxi-size, neoprene desk mat, or Comodo, the cushioned lap desk designed for laptops, Tucano presents the desktop Armrest as well as folding stands for smartphones and tablets, also made of eco-friendly materials.

 Of course, all of the products in Tucano’s catalog can be customized, with standard or special modifications. This is expertly handled by the corporate division, Tucano For Business, which also carries out ad hoc projects for an impressive portfolio of Italian and foreign clients. As always, the 2022 Salone is organized by Assogestioni and looks forward to hosting 12,000 registered attendees, 400 speakers, and 125 conferences.

Verde, the cover for iPad 100% biodegradable

Verde, the cover for iPad 100% biodegradable

100% biodegradable

A bioplastic shell, a cellulose pulp cover, recycled paper packaging… maybe respecting the environment isn’t so complicated after all. Tucano is trying it out with Verde, the first 100% biodegradable cover for 10.2” iPads.

The cover and the shell

Cellulose pulp is a natural fiber that was used to make the cover, this fiber contains a special polysaccharide – found in most plants and especially in the woody parts of trees – that isn’t water soluble. Because it’s completely natural, cellulose is also biodegradable and compostable. Bioplastic, in this case PBAT (polybutylene adipate terephthalate), is a flexible, ductile material used to make the back shell of this case. What is it exactly? It’s a laboratory-generated, biodegradable plastic, of an organic or fossil nature, which is quickly reabsorbed into the environment thanks to bacteria already present in the soil. The advantage? A lower environmental impact and a consequent reduction in pollution.


No, we’re not telling you to throw it on the ground…

However, you should know that the PBAT and the cellulose pulp, the materials that make up the shell and the cover, are both decomposable thanks to the intervention of bacteria and plants or physical agents such as the sun, water or the environment itself.


Biodegradable but with all the pluses of Tucano products

Verde is not only organic, it also allows you to take advantage of all the technical pluses offered by our iPad cases: it turns into a convenient stand, allows quick camera access thanks to the folding back cover, and it features an internal holder for the Apple Pencil.

Tucano and the environment: a 360° commitment

In recent years Tucano has been paying a lot of attention to the issue of eco-sustainability, and has been continually growing on a sustainable path, which has become the guiding principle behind all of our new products. Eco-nylon, eco-polyester, and eco-friendly netting are just some of the materials made of R-pet and, beyond that, there’s the continuous technological research which has allowed us to take more experimental paths. And, we’ve carried those values through to our packaging, packing materials and logistics.