The eleventh edition of the Salone del Risparmio is brimming with Tucano shoppers, the event’s official promotional item for all registered participants

The eleventh edition of the Salone del Risparmio is brimming with Tucano shoppers, the event’s official promotional item for all registered participants

The eleventh edition of the Salone del Risparmio, one of the most important events dedicated to the asset management sector, will take place at Fiera di Milano’s MiCo event center, from 15 to 17 September, and the theme is: “From saver to investor: liquidity for building new worlds”. This year Tucano is once again an event partner, contributing with the official green shopper, to be distributed to all registered participants, and with a stand dedicated to ecology and full of products that are also available for purchase.


The latest innovations showcased at this edition are the new backpacks made with fabric obtained from recycled plastic and products for remote working, a series of attractive accessories for working from home in complete comfort. The Comodo laptop pillow with non-slip work surface, the maxi desk mat, and the mini PC stands are just some of the products we offer that meet the needs of an audience accustomed to the new working methods adopted in recent years.


As always, the 2021 event is organized by the Assogestioni, and this year it will take place in person, while also maintaining the hybrid streaming version for those wishing to follow it from a distance. The program is forecasting an ample number of attendees and a mix of about 350 different speakers, mostly from the financial, political and university world.  The conference themes are centered around sustainability and innovation, deepened by an analysis focused on the advantages of good digitization and the potential of an industry attentive to climate change and working to counter social disparities. The speakers will be able to count on an audience of around 10,000 visitors, primarily composed of savers, students and industry experts. 

Tucano’s eco-friendly shoppers once again chosen for the 78th Venice International Film Festival

Tucano’s eco-friendly shoppers once again chosen for the 78th Venice International Film Festival

The usual appointment in Venice between Tucano and the International Film Festival 2021 has been reconfirmed. In fact, Tucano, a leading brand in the production of bags, backpacks and accessories is once again the official supplier of shoppers for the 78th Venice International Film Festival, the world-renowned Italian cinema event scheduled to take place at Venice Lido from 1–11 September 2021.

tucano_fornitore_ufficiale_delle_shopper ecologiche_per_la_78_mostra_internazionale_d'arte_cinematografica

In the context of an active, multi-year partnership with the Venice International Film Festival, Tucano is once again providing the iconic official shoppers — this year produced in materials made from recycled plastic. This reaffirms the company’s commitment to new, eco-friendly products as part of a sustainability journey that seamlessly integrates with the cultural context of the Venice International Film Festival, the ideal place for addressing issues such as social responsibility and innovation.


The opening night of the prestigious festival will be held on Wednesday 1 September in the Sala Grande of the Palazzo del Cinema with the screening of the film Madres Paralelas by director Pedro Almodóvar. Curated by the film critic Alberto Barbera, the festival’s artistic director since 2012, the 78th Venice International Film Festival will close, as it does every year, with the awarding of the coveted Golden Lion. Two Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement awards have already been announced and will be awarded to the irector, actor and screenwriter Roberto Benigni and to the American actress Jamie Lee Curtis.


The official poster, designed by Lorenzo Mattotti for the fourth edition in a row, presents an evocative image. “Two people filming one another in a sort of dance, a playful duel in a relationship mediated by the camera. The image might be called Sguardi a confronto – ‘A contest of gazes’, at a time when the gaze is becoming more powerful as a new type of rapport between people. The two figures symbolize two different visions that meet and engage, examine and study one another, but are not in opposition: thanks to Cinema and its central role, creative and proactive.”

A message in perfect harmony with the festival’s aim: to raise awareness and promote international cinema in a climate of freedom and dialogue that has lasted for almost 80 years.

Tucano and the Young Entrepreneurs of Italy’s Confindustria. Innovation and sustainability for a Future History yet to be written

Tucano and the Young Entrepreneurs of Italy’s Confindustria. Innovation and sustainability for a Future History yet to be written

On July 9 and 10, the 50° Convegno Nazionale Giovani Imprenditori di Confindustria (50th National Conference of Young Entrepreneurs in Italy’s Industrial Association) took place in Genoa and Rapallo with a very important economic, ethical and environmental focus, expressed through the issues of sustainability, gender inequality, economic and social crisis.

The 2021 event’s title: “Storia Futura. L’impresa di crescere” (Future History. The task of growth), offered interesting opportunities for discussion among institutions, politicians, and the entrepreneurial world highlighting the need to write our future history. Topics explicitly anticipated by the key message of the conference. “Our future history isn’t science fiction, but what we choose to become. We want the story of our future to be full of victories: for climate change, gender and generational disparities, and in terms of the economic and social crisis.”


A vision fully shared by Tucano, a company also participating this year as a technical sponsor, which started out on an eco-sustainable path a few years ago, through the creation of bags and backpacks made of materials obtained from recycled plastic. A company whose environmental commitment is destined to grow in favor of projects aimed at the use of compostable materials.

For the Young Entrepreneurs of Italy’s Confindustria Tucano made a well-designed choice. The Compatto shopper with three different graphic designs by Alessandro Mendini has “occupied” Genoa’s Cotton Warehouses. This collaboration, between Tucano and the Young Entrepreneurs, which once again signals a meaningful dialogue with the Confindustria, offers the Milan-based company an extraordinary opportunity to share new eco-sustainable values.


But who are the Young Entrepreneurs? Almost 13,000 associates between the ages of 18 and 40 with management responsibility in companies belonging to Italy’s employer’s federation known as the Confindustria. A movement animated by consistently shared values and objectives such as belief in the importance of the free market, equal opportunity, innovation and transparency.

Recycled plastic? Presenting Tucano’s new cases for iPads and tablets!

Recycled plastic? Presenting Tucano’s new cases for iPads and tablets!

Our new iPad and tablet cases, made with materials produced from recycled plastic, mark the company’s ambitious sustainability goal for 2021 and the beginning of an ecological challenge yet to be met.

Oceans polluted by enormous islands of plastic, melting glaciers, the greenhouse effect – these are just a few of the serious environmental problems that we’re getting used to living with. Protecting the planet is not only a necessity but our common duty.


In recent years, Tucano has given a great deal of attention to the theme of eco-sustainability, experimenting, using materials made from recycled plastic, and looking at new, eco-sustainable production models. Today, the relationship between our product lines made with recycled plastic materials and those in traditional materials is inverted. There is now a clear prevalence of the former and our goal is to make the entire 2022 catalogue eco-sustainable.

The brand new Metal for iPad mini 6th gen, the Link for iPad Pro 11″ and iPad Pro 12,9″, the Premio for iPad Pro 11” 2021 and the Gala for Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite are the first tablet covers made of materials produced from recycled plastic, each one of these covers keeps about 3 bottles from going to the landfill.


Of course, in view of this extraordinary change, not only have our standard collections been reinterpreted in a “green style” but interesting new product families have been conceived for both the Consumer Electronics channel as well as for the travel and leisure sector. In addition to bags and backpacks, Second Skin®, the iconic sleeve for laptops and MacBooks, will also follow the same production criteria, as we work towards large-scale transformation and significant levels of plastic bottle recycling: up to 12 for bags, 24 for foldable products, and 30 for larger backpacks.


But how can plastic be given a second life? Once collected, the used plastic bottles are ground up into small pieces, melted, and then transformed into thread. Eco-nylon, and eco-polyester, mesh, and coated or stretchy fabrics are just some of the solutions available in recycled material.


Tucano packaging is also zero impact – in particular the paper tag on the products, the polybags in compostable bio-plastic, the recycled and recyclable cardboard boxes for e-commerce – a choice consistent with our commitment to this goal.

At the school of excellence with Tucano and the outstanding young graduate, Giulio Deangeli

At the school of excellence with Tucano and the outstanding young graduate, Giulio Deangeli

An extraordinary achievement: five degrees in six years for 25-year-old Giulio Deangeli, now a researcher at Cambridge and Harvard.

Degrees in Medicine and Surgery, Engineering, Biotechnology, Molecular Biotechnology and a Master’s Degree in Medical Sciences are the goals he achieved in Pisa at the Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna, a world-renowned university, focused on rewarding merit and talent and dedicated to the applied sciences. Giulio is currently a research fellow at Harvard and Cambridge engaged in the ambitious challenge of one day defeating degenerative diseases.


Born in Este in the province of Padua, in addition to cultivating his talent and pursuing his goals, the young Deangeli has created “A choice for life“, a project dedicated to secondary school students in order to suggest an appropriate, “made to measure” course of study at university. Aware that such a delicate step can drastically change a child’s life and future, Giulio has created a project capable of providing useful tools to facilitate this choice, such as study methods or preparation for entrance exams.

Tucano, always closely linked to the education sector, believed in the value of this initiative and sponsored it, providing some products from the catalog for those participating in the orientation tournaments.


More than 1500 Italian students signed up for two days of interactive seminars and workshops held between 17 and 18 April 2021 by Giulio himself together with a motivated team of speakers, exceptional young people in the sciences and humanities. A project created by students for students and a whole new opportunity to keep believing in the value of our youngest talents.