The consolidated partnership between Tucano and the young entrepreneurs of Confindustria, is renewed in 2019 through the creation of the official bag of the conference, the sleeve Minilux, a slim bag in nylon and bright colors, intended for all participants of the meeting.

This year’s sponsorship, in addition to once again signing the tried and tested and significant dialogue between our company and Confindustria Giovani, already active for many years, highlights our interest in the particularity and prestige of an event in which the business world is confronted with the political one and whose theme this year is the economy of connections.

But what does “Globali: Economia delle connessioni”, the title of the 49th Conference of Young Entrepreneurs of Confindustria, to be held in Rapallo on 7 and 8 June, mean? It means reflecting on the potential of the “connection economy”, infinite, exponential and able to enhance our skills, our resources and our ideas, especially those concepts and visions that take value through contact and comparison.

Connecting to build a new destiny, connecting to give new meanings to things, connecting to feel closer if the proximity is only virtual. These are just some of the evaluations at the base of the interventions foreseen during the political-entrepreneurial karmesse of Rapallo. An excerpt from the introductory text on the event, literally reports these words, emblematic to clearly interpret the theme of this forty-ninth edition: “We are the world of connections.

The place where everyone can change their destiny by reconnecting with the rest of the world where we cannot improve what we are not connected to.