Have you ever imagined that you could use a travel backpack featuring an interior lined with the covers of the legendary vintage magazines published by Touring Club Italiano?
Tucano and Touring have brainstormed together and created Tugò Touring. It’s the most representative travel backpack from Tucano’s catalog but made unique by Touring Club’s unmistakable green, TCI branded zipper pulls, and with the amazing illustrations from the historical archive of Corso Italia.
This interesting and unusual collaboration between Touring Club and Tucano is the result of the bond between two of Milan’s icons, both part of the city’s cultural and entrepreneurial roots.
The first has a long history, spanning more than a century and built around travel and its peculiarities, through an itinerary centered on art, culture, discovery and identity. The second has a relatively short history, not much more than thirty years, built around the product, Italian design, and the concept of modernity and functionality.
Why was this one backpack chosen?
Because the backpack is the ideal bag for today’s experienced travelers, the ones who want their baggage to become a perfect companion for everyday life, focused on meeting every need in terms of both comfort and technology. A traveler that is absolutely aware of how thin the dividing line is between travel backpacks and work backpacks.
The Tugò backpack is the synthesis of all of this, equipped with one large compartment that opens like a suitcase, dedicated to clothing and accessories, a laptop compartment, and a few pockets that are ideal for the small tech gadgets that we can’t live without. Small, compact and meeting the requirements for cabin luggage, the Tugò backpack is ready to become part of the wonderful world of Touring Club Italiano.
Exclusively for Touring Club members, Tugò Touring can be purchased at the special price of 18 euro rather than €59.90. But, Touring is also offering it’s members the possibility to purchase additional backpacks at a 50% discount, an attractive price of just €29.90.
The price for non-members is €59.90.