Tucano will participate in the thirteenth edition of the Salone del Risparmio as a technical partner. From May 16-18, the largest event in the industry will be held at the Allianz MiCo headquarters and focus on managed savings, financial education and tax issues. The more than 13,000 participants will have the opportunity to discuss sustainability, human capital, investment strategies, private markets and the real economy. They will be able to establish new collaborations and share ideas and skills on the topic of savings. The event will be documented through live conferences that will be available on the official platform even after the event is over.

For five years the Salone del Risparmio has enjoyed an active relationship with Tucano, which supplies the official tote, created on this occasion in seven different colors corresponding to the themes and pathways of the event.

Tucano will also host a personalized stand where the most iconic innovations and products will be on display. Among the latter, the AGS family of backpacks, characterized by the shoulder straps’ anti-gravity suspension system, will be on hand so that the public has the opportunity to personally experience the unique features of this product line.