Metropolitan rhythm, technology and wellbeing are the distinctive elements of the Urban Collection line, designed by Tucano and Garmin and promoted by Carrefour. The new sticker collection program will run from January to April 2020. Shoppers will receive 1 sticker for every 10 euros spent in all Carrefour Expressstores. The catalog includes a selection of items sure to please modern consumers of any age who are accustomed to enjoying a dynamic urban lifestyle and travel as well as those who are constantly connected and attentive to their personal wellbeing.

Tucano’s offer once again confirms the company’s ability to create high-tech, crossover products that are up to date and suitable for a sporty, curious public that cares about sustainability. The collection includes a bag, two different backpacks, a water bottle, a speaker, a rechargeable battery, and a range of high-tech accessories (almost all wearable), such as a Bluetooth headset and earphones, designed not only for travel and leisure but also for certain moments in everyday life. The colors used in this collection are black and orange, designed to express a clear aesthetic.

Garmin, a leading automotive GPS technology company, has created an activity tracker and a Smart index scale for the promotion.