Recycled plastic? Presenting Tucano’s new cases for iPads and tablets!

Recycled plastic? Presenting Tucano’s new cases for iPads and tablets!

Our new iPad and tablet cases, made with materials produced from recycled plastic, mark the company’s ambitious sustainability goal for 2021 and the beginning of an ecological challenge yet to be met.

Oceans polluted by enormous islands of plastic, melting glaciers, the greenhouse effect – these are just a few of the serious environmental problems that we’re getting used to living with. Protecting the planet is not only a necessity but our common duty.


In recent years, Tucano has given a great deal of attention to the theme of eco-sustainability, experimenting, using materials made from recycled plastic, and looking at new, eco-sustainable production models. Today, the relationship between our product lines made with recycled plastic materials and those in traditional materials is inverted. There is now a clear prevalence of the former and our goal is to make the entire 2022 catalogue eco-sustainable.

The brand new Metal for iPad mini 6th gen, the Link for iPad Pro 11″ and iPad Pro 12,9″, the Premio for iPad Pro 11” 2021 and the Gala for Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite are the first tablet covers made of materials produced from recycled plastic, each one of these covers keeps about 3 bottles from going to the landfill.


Of course, in view of this extraordinary change, not only have our standard collections been reinterpreted in a “green style” but interesting new product families have been conceived for both the Consumer Electronics channel as well as for the travel and leisure sector. In addition to bags and backpacks, Second Skin®, the iconic sleeve for laptops and MacBooks, will also follow the same production criteria, as we work towards large-scale transformation and significant levels of plastic bottle recycling: up to 12 for bags, 24 for foldable products, and 30 for larger backpacks.


But how can plastic be given a second life? Once collected, the used plastic bottles are ground up into small pieces, melted, and then transformed into thread. Eco-nylon, and eco-polyester, mesh, and coated or stretchy fabrics are just some of the solutions available in recycled material.


Tucano packaging is also zero impact – in particular the paper tag on the products, the polybags in compostable bio-plastic, the recycled and recyclable cardboard boxes for e-commerce – a choice consistent with our commitment to this goal.

Recycled plastics and Italian design are the key elements of the Tucano shoppers for the 77th edition of the Venice International Film Festival of the Biennale di Venezia

Recycled plastics and Italian design are the key elements of the Tucano shoppers for the 77th edition of the Venice International Film Festival of the Biennale di Venezia

Once again this year Tucano is the official supplier of the Venice Production Bridge 2020, having produced the official shoppers for the Venice International Film Festival, the most important Italian film festival but also one of the world’s most iconic cinema events, scheduled to be held on the Lido di Venezia from the 2nd through the 12th of September.


This year, the well-established partnership, now over 15 years, between The Cinema Biennale and Tucano, has produced custom eco-friendly shoppers made with recycled-plastic materials. Tucano‘s commitment to eco-sustainability, through the creation of bags and backpacks in materials made from plastic waste, highlights the need to give a second life to used materials, initiating a virtuous cycle that has the potential to continue indefinitely. An important topic at the center of continuous, ecological evolution, where originality and novelty come together with discarded materials, waste and innovation, interwoven with a common thread: responsibility.

Tucano’s journey in support of ecology is well-integrated with the prestigious aims of the 2020 Cinema Biennale, in the firm belief that culture is the most suitable context in which to embrace and promote such an important topic and one that is capable of generating real change. The jury of the 77th edition of The Venice International Film Festival of the Biennale di Venezia will be chaired by Cate Blanchett, an icon of international cinema, who will award the Golden Lion for best film, along with all the other awards, during the closing night ceremonies. The opening film, among the titles not in competition, is Lacci by Daniele Luchetti, based on the novel by Domenico Starnone. Four Italian directors will be in the competition: Emma Dante, Gianfranco Rosi, Susanna Nicchiarelli and Claudio Noce with interesting works dealing with a variety of themes.

Tucano Shopper Venezia eco-friendly
Tucano Shopper Venezia eco-friendly

Photo Jacopo Salvi – Courtesy La Biennale di Venezia