Can you combine design and comfort with the help of technology? You can with Tucano’s anti-gravity system, the shoulder strap suspension system designed to reduce the load on your shoulders and back. Thanks to the elastic movement of the shoulder straps, Tucano’s AGS backpacks reduce the stiffness of the back and neck muscles by buffering the pressure of the load caused by the weight of the backpack’s contents and allowing a balanced distribution of weight between the shoulders and the pelvis, with the consequent improvement in stability and posture.

Tucano’s anti-gravity system is inspired by the ancient Chinese “Bian Dan” which made it possible to carry two heavy loads by tying them to either end of a bamboo pole which, due to its flexibility, was able to reduce the sensation of weight on the shoulders.

AGS is a technological system capable of transforming the concept of weight and portability and having an effect on our “sense of well-being” due to the fact that the shoulder straps are not rigidly fixed, which is even more effective if the content of the backpack weighs a significant amount.

Lightweight as an AGS backpack!

Tucano has recently launched Binario, Bravo and Bizip, the new backpack models featuring AGS technology, all made of material produced from recycled plastic, which complement the other business backpacks in the Planet collection and with identical technological features: Marte Gravity, Luna Gravity, Terra Gravity and Sole Gravity.

Our focus on ecology, evident in the latest three models, thanks to the materials produced from recycled PET plastics saved from the landfill and transformed through a regeneration process, is found in the majority of the Tucano collections. As a company, we prioritize renewal and transformation to protect the planet.

The theme of ecology, present in the last three models, thanks to the materials obtained from PET recycled from the environment and reworked through a regeneration process, is present in most of the Tucano collections, placing the company in a context of renewal and transformation aimed at safeguarding the planet.