For the first time, Tucano participated as a sponsor of the 26th edition of Fair Play Menarini, held on 5 and 6 July in Florence and on 7 July in Castiglion Fiorentino. The intense three-day program included an awards ceremony along with interviews and messages in line with our shared ethics. The spirit of this sports award, created in 1997, is based on much more than simple compliance with the rules, it’s goal is to showcase what’s best about sport, understood as an ethically correct game in which competitors respect each other, avoiding any form of discrimination or violence. Respect for oneself and for others is the basis of those who play sports at an amateur or competitive level and the Fair Play award rewards ethics, loyalty, and respect – not only among athletes but also in other contexts, be they on or off the field. The Menarini Fair Play award is an award given to champions, people, and institutions that, after the award is conferred, become global “Ambassadors of Fair Play”. The 2022 prize was awarded to 16 Italian and international champions, unique people in terms of their understanding of life and sport, natural ambassadors of behavioral ethics capable of making a significant difference within the sports environment.

Among the winners: Federica Pellegrini and Ian Thorpe, Marco Bracci and Casey Stoner, Tania Cagnotto and Massimo Ambrosini. The 2022 award ceremony for the winners took place in the main square of Castiglion Fiorentino, the final moment of the three-day event, the first two days of which were in Florence. Tucano supports Menarini in a project that goes beyond sport, a project dedicated to valuing athletes and people. Menarini Fair Play represents a lifestyle that is capable of promoting values inherent in sport and life: friendship, respect for the individual and for the group, loyalty and ethics in behavior and actions.