AGS, which stands for Anti Gravity System, is a line of business backpacks, currently being launched by Tucano. The shoulder straps are equipped with an elastic suspension system, designed to convey the sensation that you are carrying less weight on your shoulders.  Inspired by the ancient Chinese Bian Dan, a method for carrying two heavy containers on a bamboo pole, the AGS system takes advantage of the elastic movement of the shoulder straps, to lessen the stiffness of the cervical and dorsal muscles and buffer the pressure of the backpack’s load through balanced weight distribution between the shoulders and the pelvis.

The flexible movement of the shoulder straps is also supported at the ends, made of elasticized webbing, so that the natural sensation of the lightened load isn’t interrupted. The integrated suspension system of the AGS backpacks slows down muscle fatigue, improves stability, and optimizes posture. Of course, the feeling of lightness and relief is felt most intensely when the backpack has a considerable load, which also intensifies the elastic movement of the shoulder straps.

The new AGS backpacks, called Sole Gravity, Marte Gravity, Luna Gravity and Terra Gravity, have developed into an interesting collection centered around the appealing interplay of features and accessories: the ergonomic and breathable back, the pull-out rain cover to protect your backpack, exceptionally well-organized pockets – including those for holding laptops and tablets, top-quality zippers and high-density fabric. Our new Anti Gravity System backpacks are available through the Tucano website and all authorized retailers.