On the occasion of the National Conference of Italy’s Chivalrous Order of Merit for Labor, Tucano offered Bizip backpacks customized with the organization’s logo and featuring the company’s AGS system — a shoulder-strap suspension system designed to reduce the sensation of weight on your shoulders. The title of this edition, held on July 8 at the Genoa Aquarium’s auditorium and organized by Dr. Ugo Salerno, member of the National Federation of the Order of Merit for Labor and president and CEO of RINA SPA, was “L’Acqua: l’oro di sempre” (Water: the eternal gold).

Water, the focus of the conference, is humanity’s primary asset that must be defended and protected because of its severe scarcity. 70% of the water that covers the Earth’s surface is salty or unusable and only 1% is useful for human consumption. Indispensable for our survival, water is a precious resource and it is important to limit pollution while protecting water’s potential. What measures are necessary to limit damage? The conference was an excellent forum for discussion, networking, and the exchange of ideas; a stage for encounters between companies, entrepreneurs and politicians, all focused on the possible strategies to be implemented. The conference was also attended by the Mayor of Genoa, Marco Bucci, the President of the Liguria region, Giovanni Toti, and the Archbishop of the Diocese of Genoa, Msgr. Marco Tasca. Tucano’s presence highlights the growing attention to the issue of the environment and its protection and to an eco-sustainable path that in recent years has become an increasingly important part of the company’s production philosophy.