Tucano is participating in Cibus Connecting Italy, hosted in UNISG’s large exhibition space, along with the other 26 companies that are part of the University of Gastronomic Sciences Pollenzo Network. UNISG’s exhibition area is designed to enhance companies’ relational assets by fostering and strengthenig connections, combinations, or diverisity through an eco-sustainable business concept that is in line with the values of the University of Pollenzo and its network of companies. The space is divided into two sectors, Cefé and Arena. The first is dedicated to serving and tasting the products of some partner companies; the second, focused on networking, is where guest companies will develop relationships in the B2B sphere. In addition, UNISG has planned on program of cultural and experiential activities, for purchasers and operators in the field, in cooperation with l’Ente Fiera.


Tucano’s space showcases a selection of new and interesting products. These include our collection of shoppers, totes and more, intended to encourage sustainable and environmentally-conscious shopping, made of eco-friendly canvas, paper, mesh, or nylon, and which express a brand identity with a strong eco-sustainable association. The unique color selections and simple, refined design details also characterize the new business and casual product lines featured in the 2023 catalog. There is a special focus on Gommo, the collection of bags, backpacks and accessories made of a rubberized, water-resistant material. Scheduled for the 29th and 30th at the Parma Exhibition Centre, the 2023 edition of Cibus, titled Cibus Connecting Italy is expecting nearly 1,000 exhibitors, 10,000 operators and 3,000 buyers from around the world. This year, in addition to the traditional areas, there will be 4 special sections: fresh fruit and vegetables; plant-based functional ingredients; nutraceuticals and sports supplements; and ingredients and technological solutions for ice cream and pastry. In addition, 500 new products will be presented, 100 of which will be presented in the innovation corner in Hall 4. The partnership between Tucano and UNISG are keeping pace on a unique path that focuses on the themes of eco-sustainability and business ethics.