There’s already a sense of anticipation here in Milan for the world that’s coming to Universal Expo 2015, with work already under way to make the city even more beautiful.
Expo 2015 will be one of the most important international events. The history of the exposition is long, beginning in London, 1851, and moving from city to city each time. Next year, it will be held in Milan.
Every Expo is dedicated to a common theme that visitors will interact with through an innovative, experimental experience, across the various pavilions of the participating nations.
Naturally, an Expo taking place in Italy had to be based around the theme of the importance of food: “Feeding the planet, energy for life.” Each country will show the best of its cuisine, and more: we’re already salivating with the prospect!

Although the official location of Expo 2015, in the new exhibition area in Rho-Pero, the entire city is also getting a makeover for the occasion.
We can see it from our own premises in front of Castello Sforzesco: in fact, we’re in one of the “hottest” Expo areas.The construction of Expo Gate, the new Expo info point is just a few steps from our offices, and is already almost completed.

It consists of two identical, mirrored structures of metal and glass that rise on the natural view from the Duomo, through Via Dante, to the castle. Their design recalls the “caselli” (toll gates) that still stand at the many gates of the city(e.g. Porta Garibaldi, Porta Vittoria, Porta Volta, etc.) and thus form a kind of “gateway” to the coming Expo.
Within, the Expo Gate will be host, from time to time, to images, information panels and projections that will alternate and which will be there right from the start of the Expo, on the 1st of May, 2015.

Furthermore, we can’t wait for the pedestrianisation of Piazza Castello: the many vehicles that currently pass through will disappear, leaving an area for living, welcoming both Milanese and the many visitors who will be arriving from all over the world. And all this is happening right outside our own offices.
Wherever you are, if you’re thinking of a flying visit to Milan for the Expo, come and see us at 19, Piazza Castello: we’ll be glad to see you!