It’s really nothing new. The world is becoming a smaller place. Distances between places are shrinking and exploring new cities has become almost a routine occurrence.
It has also become a common objective to capture the poetry of the moment in an image, especially when we are exploring a completely new city. In fact, raise your hand if you do not feel yourself to be an “urban photographer”? And to do things properly, a reflex or mirrorless camera, plus the right lenses, is basically what you need.
Whether you’re in the narrow streets of Lisbon, among the street food sellers in Bangkok or exploring the ancientmonuments of Rome, it is always important to carry the right equipment, but equally vital not to be overburdened or appear like an inexperienced tourist. Yes, this is because we like to be able to merge in with the local people, creep into hidden places, and take part in the life of the city by immersing ourselves in its local activities, flavours and scents.

This is what we and our design team had in mind. We wanted to create bags precisely for this type of urban photographer, a character we recognised in ourselves. We wanted something specifically designed for exploring the city in the smartest way possible. So we also considered other devices.

Not only your camera but also your tablet and your smartphone.

A digital lifestyle does not only involve your camera, but also the other devices that you want to have freely available: your smartphone for posting impressions of your trip on social networks, and your tablet for consulting maps and guides and for discovering good suggestions from others like yourself.
For this reason, in addition to spaces for your camera and lenses, we have also provided special pockets for other devices in our Scatto and Contatto collections.

Life is not just about photos.

When the day draws to an end, and the hundreds of photos you have taken are safely stored on your memory card, the moment arrives to enjoy the evening. To avoid you having to decide whether to take your camera bag or another bag, our designers have come up with something which will prove useful in any situation.  In fact, our Scatto and Contatto bags incorporate a removable divider which transforms a camera bag into a convenient shoulder bag, suitable for any other sort of adventure (not necessarily related to photography).

Passing undetected or not.

As we have already said: the feeling that one stands out as being just a tourist is not particularly gratifying. It’s much better to merge into the life of the city straight away. It’s for this reason that we have made use of typically urban materials, such as the mixed fabrics for our Contatto bag, or the metro design of Scatto.

But this is not the end of it: we are already working on other special collections for the urban photographer, to better match your personal style. You will always be able to find them in the dedicated section at Tucano.com, and if you have any suggestions, you can share them with us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.
We are very interested to hear the ideas of true urban photographers.