We all dream of a sustainable world, a clean world full of products that are eco-friendly, smart, and colorful. Products that fight the pollution and indifference that plague us. A world that would protect the planet, work against toxic and plastic waste and in favor of a circular economy.

Tucano hasn’t just dreamt of such a world, they’ve created a reality that has made rapid strides down the road towards sustainability, thanks to recycling and the transformation of waste plastic into bags and backpacks and the creation of covers and other products that are totally biodegradable. These products can be reabsorbed into the environment, notably reducing the impact of packaging and shipping materials.

Many products from our 2019 collection have been presented in this new format. Some of them are iconic favorites, like the Ecocompact, Lato, and Forte backpacks, manufactured from fabrics made out of PET plastic from recycled bottles. These bottles have been collected and removed from the environment and given a new use through an interesting process. Other products that showcase unique and innovative design are the Salvo and Ampio backpacks.
Both short and long term, Tucano’s production is rapidly transforming to meet our clear and concrete sustainability goals. Naturally, we’re manufacturing in a responsible way without losing sight of the core focus of our products, especially protection and functionality.