The daylong event, organized in the Chamber of Deputies by SIMA (Italian Society for Environmental Medicine), focused on the topic of the urgent situation relative to cancer development and the correlation between the increase in pediatric cancer and Italy’s most polluted cities. Despite the fact that pollution is a high risk factor, and measures to control it are still not very effective, much can be done in terms of prevention both in the public and in the private spheres. Tucano has developed a special cover for smartphones, available for the most popular models on the market, capable of reducing the damage done by electromagnetic fields by approximately 80%. During the conference Tucano’s CEO, Dr. Luini, described the project, supported by the engineers from Bari Polytechnic University, the authors of the research. Recently the WHO, World Health Organization, addressed the carcinogenic potential of radio frequencies/radio waves, recommending that cellphones be used prudently. The same issue was addressed by the Lombardy Region through an awareness campaign. Tucano covers with anti-radiation shielding, designed and patented for safer use of cellular telephones, reduce the risk of potential health damage due to radiation. Made with a certified internal material, Tucano’s anti-radiation smartphone covers have been scientifically tested and feature carefully researched design available at the same price as any other quality cover.