Tucano confirms also this year its presence at the Venice Biennale, as supplier of official shoppers for the event, celebrating the eighteenth year of collaboration with the prestigious international exhibition.

The bag of the 58th edition, the usual expression of Tucano’s design and know-how, was made in grey-brown with the shoulder strap ribbon in contrasting colours. Tucano also produced a collection of shoppers, folding backpacks and pocket and bag accessories, in different colours and in materials more similar to the philosophy of the brand, nylon and neoprene, available in the bookshops of the exhibition.

The 58. The International Art Exhibition of Venice, whose title is May You Live In Interesting Times, is curated by Ralph Rugoff, a well-known critic and essayist, director of the Hayward Gallery in London.

May You Live In Interesting Times, besides being a title that gathers different meanings, is also an appeal for a deep reflection on the themes and difficulties of today, on environmental, political, ethical and existential problems. A unique message that invites us to take the time to reflect, to observe and consider the course of human events in their complexity, especially today, an era in which we tend to simplify.

The works on display will offer new forms of critical thinking as opposed to existing ideas, through new interpretations and new readings. The aim of this exhibition is to “see” through the eyes of the authors, savouring art through particular visions and emotions and overcoming conformism and superficiality. The Art Biennale includes 79 artists from all over the world whose task is to give back their own idea of the present, ranging from photography, painting, video installations and technologies.